Thursday, July 5, 2012

And then things got wierd

T dawg at San Onofre power plant
 I don't know how to explain any of this and hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves.

Here we are on the last biking day of our trip, complete with:
-A ferry ride
-gold shorts
-Camp Pendelton
-expensive sandwiches
-sunset from a mountain top on the old PCH
-bumblebee wings

Sylvie and Lydia in Newport Beach
Vince, somewhere in Southern California
We aren't sure where Vince was during our trip to La Jolla. Jersey Shore?

Scariest day of my life part 1

The gang spent a wild night on top of a mountain near Benbow, CA. Apparently our lovely hosts Sam and Shirley chose to live off the Redwood Highway, near the town of Benbow because the main strip of town didn't have any empty store fronts.
Its a pretty interesting way to access the economic state of an area.

Sam will probably be the inspiration of Vince's future self and Shirley convinced us all to believe in true love.

L-R Top: Sylvie, Jaiye, Thomas, Vince. Bottom: Shirley, Sam

Bike SLAVE saves the day!

I know you are all wondering....'What is bike SLAVE doing at the Sheriff's office?' 'Why do we look so stoked?' 'Why aren't we on bikes?'

Well its your lucky day, cause we have a truly heart warming and ridiculous story for you all!

One afternoon I was biking along the highway 101 and came upon a book in the "bike lane." It seemed like the sort of thing to inspect, so I stopped and upon realizing that the book was a users manual for a Dodge Ram, I noticed a slew of seemingly sensitive information scattered on the shoulder. We're talking insurance cards, car title, AAA membership cards, etc.
I collected the cards and put them in my panniers for safe keeping.

The next afternoon, after a night of Mexican food at La Super Ricas, music with our new friends in Santa Barbara and a beach side bike ride, we came upon a Sheriff's office. Perfect!

The other two members of Bike SLAVE filled their water bottles and went pee in city hall while I handed over the cards and documents to the police.
When all was said, handed over and seemingly done, the police officer explained that we'd need to be witnesses if it ended up that the information we recovered was tied up in any funny business.

Hmm...witnesses! With our work done I too retired to city hall to use the soon as a walked in, without saying a word, a man in the entry way (upon seeing my stylish biking garb)  pointed towards the end of the hallway and said, "bathroom?"

When I got back out to T-dawg, Lydia and the bikes, 2 officers were standing around chatting with them...turns out the documents that I found on the highway were from a recently STOLEN CAR!

So Bike SLAVE may have been involved in the recovery of a stolen car, or at least we passed on somewhat valuable information to a sheriff's office.

Breakup Letter to the Wind

Dear Wind,

We've had some amazing times together. I cherish the times we've spent together and will remember them forever. But recently you've been all up in my face. We have had way too much intimate time and I need some space. We need a break. You've been coming on way too hard and you need to turn it down a notch or two from eleven. I still want to be friends with you, just only when I'm getting that tail wind. Recently I've just way too much head wind.

Respectfully yours,