Saturday, June 9, 2012

Young Froncek takes the baton.

Lydia, Thomas, Vince and Sylvie at the Turley Winery/Homestead
We are entering a new era of our journey. After a rest day in Napa the crew and Lydia, our newest member, rode 40 miles to Vallejo (from Saint Helena) and then hopped on a ferry to shave off a few miles before arriving in San Francisco.
Here we are two days later, preparing to take off for Santa Cruz. The bay area has been good to all of us...
Vincent went to a Giants game and sat in Virgin box seats.
Sylvie reunited with college housemates and she and Lydia spent the better part of a day sitting in Dolores Park people watching.
Thomas got to know Oakland.

Moving right along...we are leaving the Bay area at 8am and riding down to Santa Cruz where we are going to leave Vince behind so that he can begin his next adventure (kid got a Fulbright to Nepal!) and he's being replaced by Lydia.

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