Saturday, June 2, 2012

The other Trinidad, not the sex change capital of Colorado

Coffeebreak! We pulled off the road in Trinidad, Ca to get caffeinated. The last few days have been amazing.

 Highlights: -being the first guests at anew biker/boarder hostel called the Farwest hostel in Port Orford, OR
One of Brian's inventions, a towable basket ball hoop with a grill attached an a skateboard with a tow line on the back side. Its called the "Shoot Out" and he brings it to the beach.
-Sylvie received new nicknames from Brian, the hostel founder, including "toolbox" "tool shed" and "encyclopedia brown"
 -we made a new friend who decided we were just sane enough to stick with for a few miles which have now turned into days.
10 miles before the border of OR/CA, gotta kill that Tapatio.
 -crossing the border into Ca and finishing our first 10oz bottle of Tapatio. 
-a 10 mile descent thru the Redwood Forest.
-the southern Oregon coastline.

 Low points: -we'll get back to those after we've gotten coffee refills

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