Thursday, June 14, 2012

Its about the people.

In our quest to pick a mission for our movie we have discovered that this trip is not just about biking...its about everything else that happens in a day, the smells and sounds and lunch spots and headwinds and most of all, the people that we meet.

We are no longer making a movie about riding bikes, we're telling a story of the amazing kindness that people show to absolute strangers solely because they have admiration for what they do.

Yesterday in Monterey we were riding towards the boardwalk and possibly on the wrong bike path all together when we were hailed by a family in search of a bike pump for their 5 year old's brand new bike. After pumping up his tires and outfitting his new whip with a Keen bell they asked us where we were staying for the night. When we told them that we were still waiting on friends to call us back, they graciously offered us a bed in their home. We took their number and then went for a walk down the boardwalk, sampling every type of clam chowder in the 300 foot stretch of pier.
After dinner we had still not recieved replies from our so called "friends" in Monterey, so we called up the family that we had met earlier.

They immediately gave us directions and as we tried to thank them for their kindness they brushed it off saying "its an adventure for us! We're so excited to have you!" So we rode through 17 mile drive in the fog and rain, finally stopping at an overpass where our lovely host met us, put our bags in her car and then shuttled them up to her house while we braved the poison oak laden hillside with our significantly lighter bikes, arriving at their doorstep damp, tired and appreciative.

We finished off our fortuitious day by giving the family a private performance....Lydia's ukulele finally came in handy. The 5 year old, Leo, climbed up onto her lap as she played him lullabies.

We slept clean and sound and departing the next morning to enjoy 6 of the 17 miles of coastal drive.

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