Friday, June 8, 2012

Goodbye new friend!

We have learned a few very important things on this trip. No, this isn't about sunglasses, wine tasting or bike riding, although learnings in those areas have occurred...this is about our mental states and how simple things like needing to pee and being hungry make us CRaZy.

After a great night of fresh sea food and beers with Kayle in Florence, OR we woke up with the intention of getting breakfast in town. Turns out there is no town in Dune City, only places to rent sand boards and ATVs.  So instead of eating we tuned up Vince's bike and played at the sand dunes for about 2 hours. Despite the awesome photo, we were all salty Sams from not biking or brunching.

After this detour we biked 20 miles in jeans and sandy socks. 

Here's where it gets better: While we were spinning our legs, trying to get to breakfast and force out the bad attitudes we ran into the first touring cyclists that we'd encounter all trip. Vince spotted them first and said "let's overtake them!" and then proceeded to spend the next 6 miles biking 2 abreast, chatting with them. They were a retired couple doing a west coast tour, just like us. Ahead of them was a girl on a solo bike tour who had happened to run into the couple as well. We ended up riding with her for a while and then stopping in a town to get coffee and food and I guess it would be appropriate to say, "the rest is history" because we went on to spend about 8 more days riding, camping, eating, laughing, and being down right hooligans with her.
There are many more stories about us and Jaiye, that's her name, and those will come soon. This is just in introduction and conclusion.

Eight days after meeting Jaiye, and 4 days after discussing our inevitable parting of ways we finally arrived at the junction of the highway 1 and the 128. Jaiye left us for the curvaceous coast and we turned east towards wine country.
Parting ways with Jaiye at the junction

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