Saturday, June 16, 2012

Flat County

Our new member just took Flat City to the next level. Between Saint Helena and Daly City (SF) Lydia got 7 flats. 
You might be thinking, "girl just doesn't know how to change a flat..." but that's mean and this is serious, plus, even if she doesn't know how to change a flat, T-dawg, Vince and Sylvie do.

S(l)o here they are, in order of appearance:
1- The Saint Helena puncture
2- The Napa Valley pinch flat
3- The Vallejo spoke puncture
4- The Vallejo pinch flat due to riding on an under-inflated tube and then filling it at a gas station
5-The SF spontaneous valve leak take 1
6- The Excelsior spontaneous puncture
7- The Daly City spontaneous valve leak take 2

Unfortunately for everyone, Lydia is not of age, so instead of 7 horrible mixed drinks, she got 7 horrible salt water taffies, each one had picked by a sassy taffy sales girl in Monterey.

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