Tuesday, May 29, 2012


     Saturday we encountered a valiant foe, who truly made us earn our keep.  A simple 70 mile day with a 1600 foot climb placed  in the middle turned ugly quickly after the summit. We reached the summit and began the descent with the battle cry of TILLAMOOK! Our quest was to make in down the 25 mile stretch into town before closing of the world famous Tillamook Cheese Factory and our holy grail was their endless supple of cheese (well endless, until the staff realizes that we keep walking through the self guided tour). Unfortunately a mighty foe had other plans. The billowing winds from the west blew, and with our energy severely depleted from the climb the descent turned out to be harder than the ascent and our unrelenting foe laughed in our faces wafting up the cow dung from the valley below as if to say "you dont want to come here, it smells like shit". But we knew the winds malevalent tricks and battled on. Eventually to reach town too late for our holy grail, at least for that day. But we staked out the factory and yesterday morning we hit the free cheese line hard to replenish out depleated stock from the previous day:

Celebration upon the first view of the ocean:

Loading up before the big climb:

Before a descent

Currently we are in Florence, OR about to hit up some of the massive sand dunes here and subsequently we will be finding sand in all of our gear for the rest of the trip.

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