Thursday, May 24, 2012

Swag on Swag on Swag

Its time that we shout out to our sponsors in a photo montage. Unfortunately I picked up the wrong cable so I cant upload photos right now. Another day. Another public library.

Wednesday, also known as hump day, also known as the day that Vincent forgot existed and as a result we have a whole extra day in Portland, was our casual 85 mile day.
We rode along the STP route which rocked our damp and sponsored SockGuy socks. (Thaisa, Mark, Sam and Christine, on your epic STP ride be sure to stay in the shoulder and keep your eyes on the rode after Sappoose, WA, there's a special pink surprise waiting for you.)

Sylvie, who missed her chance to get a professional bike fit in Seattle did bike fits on the go for the boys, whose butts, knees and Achilles tendons were very appreciative.

Highlights: Vincent fell asleep lying down on a side street off the Hwy 30 with his shoes between his legs and again on a bus stop bench within seconds of sitting down.
We discovered that our old friend the dog from 100 miles back had also taken a bite out of Easy-V's bag.
Sylvie made 3 promises in Seattle, the first being to eat at Apizza Scholls, in Portland. Check!

First one to get a flat tire is getting the worst cocktail in the world, courtesy of the other, fully inflated riders.

Low points: More rain. More struggles of packing panniers.Warn brake pads.

Exciting things: We are getting interviewed for a podcast in Portland.
There is a bike ride that is apparently better than Critical Mass. doing it!
We invented a game. It's a great way to use our never ending supply of Emergen-C packets. We've been hiding packets in our hosts homes. We're talking silverware drawers, washing machines, toilet paper rolls, etc. When these unsuspecting folks find their fizzy drink mixes, they have to drink 'em. So its let Icing people, only not gross and degrading.

Can I say that once more...we are sponsored. Or as Vince would say "we got swag on swag on SWAG!"

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  1. You hid a packet of Emergen-C in someones washing machine?