Thursday, May 24, 2012

I just met you, and this is crazy.

It begins.

Easy-V, T-dawg and I met at the Seattle Amtrak at 7:20am in an attempt to catch a 7:30am train. Ha! We missed the train, got a great breakfast, picked up a helmet for Easy-V at REI, and then two water bottles. What kind of person forgets water bottles on a bike trip? Mailed the Scott helmet that was too small for Easy-V back to our homeboy Lars-Erik in Idaho and then returned to the train station at 11am to check out bags, grease our headsets and get on the train.

Highlights: 15 minutes after wondering when we were going to encounter a dog we got chased by a giant dog which knocked Easy-V off his bike twice and took a bite out of T-dawg's pannier. Vi-$'s really fast, even with 70lbs of stuff. Out-biked that one!

Low Points: Rode the train to Centralia, really wet (some of us wetter than others because some of us decided to ride 15 miles in jeans instead of rain pants/spandex).
T-dawg's iphone is a liar and it led us up the steepest hill in Castle Rock, WA and to a dead end in our attempt to find a grocery store.

Exciting Things: We got to stay at a trailer park in a new trailer with a sauna (thanks Charlie Curry)
Easy-V and T-dawg are learning to pack their panniers. Hopefully some day soon the jam will be accessible because PB and Tapatio is great and all, but no more than once in a month.

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