Thursday, May 17, 2012

Canada!? Good idea.

Building the bike: Phase 2. Discovery Park, Washington
While hanging out in Discovery Park the other day my friend's boss and I got to talking about bikes and biking and the like and when I said I was riding from Seattle to LA he said "I have a friend that rode from Canada to Mexico." Crazy right? That's like super far. Yeah, well this little blip made me pretty much rethink my whole existence and I've decided, why not hop up to Canada for a day and bike from there to Seattle. Its an extra 100+ miles, a nice days ride and then I can say I biked from Canada to Mexico.

So that seems like a pretty ok idea, next problem...I'm debating whether to go from the North West most point of Washington (Hole-In-The-Wall) back to Seattle or just going straight north from about Lynden, WA.

This seems like a great opportunity to try out, my gopro, bike and legs. Hopefully they'll all work the way that they are supposed to.

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