Monday, May 14, 2012

Beer week, blog and Bikery

Seattle, Wahhhh!   Commencing 10 days of bumming before the guys show up! Luckily its Beer Week so that's a great pass time. 

I've also got a slew of things that I need to acquire before departing, like a new 8-speed chain, a magnet for my bike computer, a spoke, contact solution, chap stick with sunblock, some gold spandex shorts and knee high socks for the adult kickball league of which I am the captain. There are somethings that its only appropriate to buy in Seattle. These are all those sorts of things.

Tomorrow is bike building day. I'm going to the Bikery in Seattle to make my Specialized Sirrus hybrid into a legit touring bike. In the mean time I've been working out really hard on children's swing sets on Fidalgo Island. Really works the calves and abs. 

Oh yeah, and the weather is ridiculously nice, or in my slightly biased (from only 3 days experience) opinion, normal for Seattle. I think everyone's been lying about the whole rain, cloud cover, gloominess that is Seattle. Its been 70-80 degrees without a cloud in the sky since I arrived.  Well Seattlites, or whatever you call yourselves, the truth is out. Seattle is awesome and the climate rocks.

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  1. Nick & she ra 2085960567. Chop suey wed night for comedy!