Friday, April 27, 2012

Where'd the spring go? Apparently winter has returned in Ithaca and its been snowing, but seriously. Its almost May!
Sylvie's headed to Seattle in 12 days. Thomas and Vince are coming up on May 18th after Pitzer Graduation. Ok, well that's all pretty boring.
Want better news?? We have another sponsor! Ithaca Water Buffalo.
They are hooking us up with pre trip milk, cheese, disposal repair and stickers. All very necessary for a successful bike tour, doncha know?

Other than that, here's another shout out to Scott Sports for our snazzy helmets and gloves, soon to be on our heads and hands all over this blog.
Keen, and Jennifer in particular, we're crazy about our socks and shoes, best looking feet on the west coast!
Sock Guy, Emerg-n-c, Clifbar, we have yet to test these products in action, but we're are excited to see where this romance goes.

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