Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gearing up!

Where did March come from? All the sudden our trip is just 2 months away and there are so many things that are going to happen between now and then! We have to buy our tickets to Seattle and figure out how/if we are going to Montana or starting our ride in Seattle so that we can definitely get to critical mass in Portland by the last Friday of the month.
Easy V is going to finish his thesis.
Thomas is going to secure more go-pros.
Sylvie is going to sell a truck full of old bikes.

Most of all we are going to break in some shoes.
That's right, we will be biking, hiking, swimming, ninja kicking, high jumping and lunging in style with Keen shoes. I tried some on today and I dont know if it was the excitement of being sponsored or just being jazzed for the trip, but they felt amazing. Oh! The best part of trying on the shoes was that I started talking to a woman at Fontana's (shoe store in Ithaca NY) and she told me that she did a 500 mile bike tour in Keens a few years back. strange!

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  1. I did a 1000-mile tour in Keens last summer! bike shoes schmike shoes.