Sunday, February 19, 2012

Twlight Route

here's the best one yet...
So we start in Forks, cuz f*** Seattle, nothing cool ever happened there. Now Forks, that's another story, home of Twilight boy!
Alright, we can west immediately and hit up some Indian Cove. (see image). We are likely to find sexy topless werewolves.
Next we head inland to Vernonia. Im not sure what part of the movie was filmed there, but does it really matter? I found a picture of the vampire and that emotionless girl in bed, so that's good news.
Next stop: Silver Falls, Oregon. Another filming location for the Twlight series. And there there is all that California stuff. boring.
But we'll end the trip with a bang and maybe a vampire baby in Santa Clarita, hometown of Bella. Oh crap, I missed the part where the topless guy is running in the rain. I guess that's the Oregon coast?
Who cares? Its the Twlight Route!

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