Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting Sponsored?

Here is the best idea yet with numbered steps:
1: Get sponsored to do this trip
-sales pitch: we are going to film it all on go pros and submit it to the Banff Mountain Film Festival
2: Plan an epic route which is worth filming
3: Ride and film and party really hard on the road
4: Get sweet tan lines
5: Finish riding, edit footage, submit to film festivals and credit sponsors.

This route would start off at the Adventure Cycling Association headquarters in Missoula, MT. convenient right? On the first day we'd ride to Lola Hot Springs to take a dip a reward ourselves for completing 26 grueling miles.
Then we'd race our asses over to Portland, OR (its about 550 miles from Missoula, doable in a week if we average 80 miles per day).
Why do it in a week? Because CRITICAL MASS is May 25th and what better place to spend it than Portland?
From there we'd head to Eugene which is a two day ride away and its an all around great place.
Then we casually slip over to the Oregon coast, a mere 60 miles away. People keep raving about it, so we gotta get some OR beach in.
After that we go back to the PCH route, following the Cali coast all the way to San Fran.
So that's all the exciting stuff I have for now. We should hit up some more great swim spots as well as hot springs.

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  1. important part of the plan if you wana film the whole thing...... have a follow crew. i gots a car