Sunday, February 19, 2012

And then?

Another great idea from Matt Plumb:
To cut distance we could go straight from Missoula to Bend, or do a bit of a desert session from Boise to Reno. The first idea is better, I think. Will put up a map for that.

Basic idea of this map versus heading straight south from Seattle is insanity and, secondly, diversity of terrain, landscape and culture. Missoula is basically the jam and the best starting location in the area (think huge mountains, train hoppers, killer beer and anarchist gutter punk show central). Starting in MT gets things started off on the right MT (a booted, mountaineering, gun toteing, big buck huntin redneckish foot) and would put us through some sweet volcanoish terrain in the Cascades til (and after) we get to Bend, also a rad place to take a rest. After Bend we'd roll thru some more vulcan lumps and isolated hippie communes til the Sierra Nevada. Sample some gambling, desert life, gambling (and 6 dollar hookers, if you are Sylvie) before hitting up Yose Sam Ite. The rest is your neck of the woods, but I can think of nothing wrong with balancing things out after our backcountry wilderness expedition all sophisticated like with a martini in San Fran and a beach vacation finish along route 1 to LA.

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