Thursday, February 23, 2012

doing it!

and by it I mean submitting our future film to the Bike Film Festival

AND to the Banff Mountain Film Festival

for the hell of it, let's submit a film to this outdoor adventure film festival too

Here's my list of potential trip sponsors:
MSR, Deuter, OR, Scott, Trek, Keen, Smart Wool, Cliff Bar, North Face, Patagonia, Sierra Design, all those companies that make gel snacks. yeah. that's great stuff. and gatorade.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting Sponsored?

Here is the best idea yet with numbered steps:
1: Get sponsored to do this trip
-sales pitch: we are going to film it all on go pros and submit it to the Banff Mountain Film Festival
2: Plan an epic route which is worth filming
3: Ride and film and party really hard on the road
4: Get sweet tan lines
5: Finish riding, edit footage, submit to film festivals and credit sponsors.

This route would start off at the Adventure Cycling Association headquarters in Missoula, MT. convenient right? On the first day we'd ride to Lola Hot Springs to take a dip a reward ourselves for completing 26 grueling miles.
Then we'd race our asses over to Portland, OR (its about 550 miles from Missoula, doable in a week if we average 80 miles per day).
Why do it in a week? Because CRITICAL MASS is May 25th and what better place to spend it than Portland?
From there we'd head to Eugene which is a two day ride away and its an all around great place.
Then we casually slip over to the Oregon coast, a mere 60 miles away. People keep raving about it, so we gotta get some OR beach in.
After that we go back to the PCH route, following the Cali coast all the way to San Fran.
So that's all the exciting stuff I have for now. We should hit up some more great swim spots as well as hot springs.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Twlight Route

here's the best one yet...
So we start in Forks, cuz f*** Seattle, nothing cool ever happened there. Now Forks, that's another story, home of Twilight boy!
Alright, we can west immediately and hit up some Indian Cove. (see image). We are likely to find sexy topless werewolves.
Next we head inland to Vernonia. Im not sure what part of the movie was filmed there, but does it really matter? I found a picture of the vampire and that emotionless girl in bed, so that's good news.
Next stop: Silver Falls, Oregon. Another filming location for the Twlight series. And there there is all that California stuff. boring.
But we'll end the trip with a bang and maybe a vampire baby in Santa Clarita, hometown of Bella. Oh crap, I missed the part where the topless guy is running in the rain. I guess that's the Oregon coast?
Who cares? Its the Twlight Route!

And then?

Another great idea from Matt Plumb:
To cut distance we could go straight from Missoula to Bend, or do a bit of a desert session from Boise to Reno. The first idea is better, I think. Will put up a map for that.

Basic idea of this map versus heading straight south from Seattle is insanity and, secondly, diversity of terrain, landscape and culture. Missoula is basically the jam and the best starting location in the area (think huge mountains, train hoppers, killer beer and anarchist gutter punk show central). Starting in MT gets things started off on the right MT (a booted, mountaineering, gun toteing, big buck huntin redneckish foot) and would put us through some sweet volcanoish terrain in the Cascades til (and after) we get to Bend, also a rad place to take a rest. After Bend we'd roll thru some more vulcan lumps and isolated hippie communes til the Sierra Nevada. Sample some gambling, desert life, gambling (and 6 dollar hookers, if you are Sylvie) before hitting up Yose Sam Ite. The rest is your neck of the woods, but I can think of nothing wrong with balancing things out after our backcountry wilderness expedition all sophisticated like with a martini in San Fran and a beach vacation finish along route 1 to LA.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Washington/Oregon Route

It'd be pretty sweet to model the first part of our route after the STP Classic route.
Unfortunately that wont be entirely possibly because I want to check out Washington's capital, Olympia.

This is the first part of our route. 81 Miles baby!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

step by step instructions for biking the west coast

Phase 1 of our biketastic westventure: gots to educate ourselves.

Phase 2: boys need to graduate. get those BA's son!

Phase 3: convene in Seattle.

Friday, February 3, 2012

GO PrOs fOR evERyonE!

I forgot to mention...we'll be filming all 1,400 miles and it would look something like this, but very different and with more spandex.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Keeping it Coastal

The BEST COAST bike trip ever 2012 is on. Yep, Tdawg and EasyV are teaming up with Vi$ to rock the PCH hard and in style. We're meeting up in Seattle in mid May when the bros finish college. woah. college. check √. Then we're saddling up for a 3+ week tour down to Los Angeles (El Pueblo Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula).

Our goals (which will be amended):
  • Killer tans and better tan lines
  • un-washable hands
  • more than 3/4s of the ride in cutoffs (or jorts)
  • beach camping
  • brain melting leg muscles